Last Day on Snow

A collection of CSU Masters and CSU Juniors, including Wes, Larry, Scott, Jamie, Rob, Hannah, Tom, Chris, Anne, Nick, Calvin, Rion, Katrin and Jim Stock and Jim O'Grady headed to Waterville Valley today for the last ski of the season.  We were preceeded by Jim Stock with his group of BKSLers. More than half the cars in the lot were from Massachusetts and probably nearly all CSU and BKSL!  With a bluebird sky and a bright springtime sun the rock hard icy tracks started to give way to something a bit softer and slushier as the morning progressed.  With the wind it wasn't real warm, but warm enough for a relaxing ski. There is a lot of snow in the woods up high so there is perhaps more skiing to be had if you want to work for it next week, but I'm done.  We did Livermore Rd to the top of Snow's, Cascade Brook, some back and forth and then I was so bonked I had to eat my lunch.  Then the juniors skied Tripoli Rd while Anne Burnham and I, both exhausted from fighting off colds skied Wicked Easy and Moose Run, trying not to fall on our face everytime we went from shade to sun.  The fat lady has sung and the ski box is off the car. 

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