CSU-X(treme) takes on the Orchard House 5k

CSU showed up to the Louisa May Alcott Orchard House 5k race on Sunday, and in the wise words of Meg Yoder, we're the folks who ruin fun runs for everyone else.  The field wasn't super deep, but we added some quality, with Jackson taking home top honors and winning the whole race!

Excellent work by all the skiers!  It is so important to get out there and test your limits in races, because that's how you figure out what those limits are when the important races roll around.

Full results
(My GPS measured the course a smidge on the long side, but it's close enough to 5k, maybe 20 sec off).

CSU results:
Jackson - 19:54
Coach Alex - 20:12
Talia - 22:05
Rebecca - 23:09
Meg - 23:32
Izzy - 23:57
Lydia - 25:55
Violet - 26:09
Ella - 30:25

Coach Frank - 42:21 (in the 10k)

Nice work team!

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