CSU Rollerski Race

It was quite a morning for a rollerski race!  I got up early and checked the radar about 100 times.  That storm was off the coast but backing up!  Crap!  However, I went forward since it was only spitting rain and was amazed at the turnout!  Chris City brought the whole Harvard team, a hardy crew of CSU juniors and a bunch of CSU masters all braved the elements.  I got dropped right off the bat at the start and so I watched everyone disappear up the hill and missed all the action up front.  It was pretty brutal out there for everyone though with the howling wind on the back side of the course, the rain pelting down and changing over to snow, the cold spray coming up off the wheels and it was cold!  Everyone was way slower than last year, and Gavin's winning time in the 2 lapper is all that much more impressive given those conditions. He prevailed over Soren and Akeo of Harvard.  Hannah Barnes and Annie Harvieux of Harvard prevailed with Maddy coming in 3rd.  Lewis won the junior 1 lapper followed by Jackson and James while Meg nailed down the 1 lapper followed by Clara and Emily.  As for the older crowd Albert hung on for the win over Rob and Bob B and Jody was the sole masters woman.  Results are below along with some really nice photos from Chris City.  Thanks Chris!!

Many thanks to Chris Li at Bikeway for donating prizes and to Bob Haydock and Lisa Doucett for timing, Alex, Jim Miller and Dan Cousins for watching corners and keeping cars at bay. 

Gavin leading it out

The train going up the first hill


Rob leading a couple Harvard women



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