Weston Clean Up!

A big crew of CSU Jrs., CSU Masters, BKSLers, high school team and perhaps a few others joined in FOLJMs' cleanup of Weston Ski Track (Leo J. Martin golf course) yesterday.  Chris Doyle estimated that over 80 people helped out with the cleanup, which completely surprised the DCR staff.  Great job by everyone to rake those pesky leaves and pine needles that always get in the tracks on windy days.   Everyone worked enthusiastically for a few hours and its amazing how much stuff got raked up.  No one got hit with an errant golf ball either!  I think we raked up as much goose stuff as leaves.
Shea with Rocket Pack prepared for take off

Great job everyone!

There are many photos on the FOLJMs Facebook page, but this is one of my favorites.  Rakes?  Who needs rakes?  Global warming CO2 emissions?  Ah, so what when you have a large MOTOR on your back! 

Emily, Lewis, Jackson and James go on the attack!  

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