The Bogburn

Once again Bob Haydock pulled off somewhat of a miracle with a lot of work on the snowmobile and some well time snow and held the 32nd Bogburn Race.  Conditions were interesting with an icy base, some fresh snow, some ice chunks that resisted breaking up by countless passes of the snowmobile and it was FAST.  Bob, probably wisely, took out the Chicane Loop from the first part of the race with its 180 corner that is always a huge challenge in the best of conditions and its lung-searing hills right at the start of the race.  The mellower version of the course was challenge enough this year!  With a huge bunch of kids in the BKSL races (including Bill Koch's own kid), there was a lot of action out on the course.  Photos of the BKSLers (and a few others) can be found HERE.  As for the adult races, it seems quite a few people took at least one tumble or in the case of Frank Feist, a spin-out.  But perhaps the best wipe out belonged to Jackson Hardin who decided to go into the drainage ditch on the first hard left corner rather than navigate around the turn.  Bummer.  I caught Jacob Meyerson running down the course, the victim of his binding pulling out of his ski.  I made a mistake and let Andy pass me just before the S turns after the dam and I had to jam on the breaks as Andy put in a vicious snowplow.  I took a dive, not on a hairy downhill but on a corner on the flats.....Really??? You get the idea, lots of good stories after the race.  Race results can be found HERE.  Thanks Bob for another race that will provide embellished stories for years to come!

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