Costume Ski and Awards Dinner

Last evening was the annual costume ski and awards dinner at Weston.  Its always a good time to see what people will come up with!  The McNatts of course outdid everyone in the costume department and I especially liked the fact that Terry was having a bit of trouble skiing with his Roman armor so its the only time I've even seen him all season!  It was a warm and slightly slushy evening for a race and I believe the first time all season the temperature was above freezing!  Maddy wasn't even cold before the race started!!!  After a good dinner awards were announced for the top skiers in the race series (Ian Case and Alex Jospe) and in each age group.  Chocolate and beer were the awards, and we're talking big beers and big chocolates!  Great night!  A few photos of the fun.

Maddy is happy with her prize!

Alex and her propellers

John Dillinger keeping everyone away until his beer prize is selected

A German selects his prize very carefully

Larry was the inspiration for the costume theme of 1934

Ari looking thoughtful

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