Mt Washington Road Race

It was a great day on the rock pile with perfect weather and lots of CSUers running.  A few photos:

Bermans at the awards

Ellie Mendonca was inducted into the Hall of Fame.  She won 3 times in the late 70s, setting 2 course records in the process.  Ellie (Brazil) also is one of two CSU runners to have run in the 1984 Olympics along with Charlie Spedding (Gt. Britain).

CSU Women's Senior team

Kris Freeman

Lewis and Will having a great race

The boys were obviously having a great time.  No one else was this enthusiastic!

Rob, decidedly less enthusiastic

Donna Smyth

Lisa Doucett
Jody Newton

I almost missed Chris Doyle

Peanut Gallery on the hillside - Kathy, Meg and Shea

Clara smiling her way to the finish

Clara runs past Wildcat Ski Area

Larry helping at the finish

Sarah Mae at the finish

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