Tour of Canada Sprint Photos

Rob and I got in a great classic ski in Gatineau Parc to start the day off right on a 5F brisk morning, then came back, put on multiple layers of clothes and headed out to watch the 1st event of the World Cup Tour of Canada, the freestyle sprint in the cold.  I was triple puffed on top of two shirts!  We met the Faltus brothers on the bus and chatted with lots of local, excited nordic fans.  This was a great event for Canada to pull off!  We missed most of the qualification round so ate lunch and scoped out a prime location on the hill with a view of the 180 degree turn as well as the finish area.  Basically we could watch the entire course.  Great fun watching with lots of fun Canadians as we cheered for Alex Harvey, Jessie Diggins, Sadie Bjornson, Ida Sargent, Sophie Caldwell and Simi Hamilton in the quarterfinals.  Jessie and Simi made it into the semi-finals with Jessie taking charge up the hill in front of us on lap two while Simi did the same in his semi.  The finals were exciting as it looked like Jessie might not make it but she played her cards very well and put herself into third by the finish line.  Simi also made a great move up the right side of the hill, passing two others to also put himself into third with a monstrous foot lunge.  Historic day with two Americans on the podium!

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