Tuesday Night Worlds Finals

Sadly this year, we were reduced to one dirty fairway of snow, but it was snow nonetheless and so the costume ski and banquet dinner was held.  Why only last year we were still skiing on a 2 km loop!  Last night the snow was melting beneath our collective skis as we did 3 lap sprints in a somewhat disorganized but fun fashion.  The costumes were to be of your favorite??? politician.  Ghandi almost made me forget the infamous and searingly etched-in-my-brain-forever Russian weightlifter of several years back.  It was fortunate for Mohatma that it was a warm evening!  After the sprints we retired inside for a good dinner and awards for all the winners, age group winners, most improved and costume winners and had to put up with several stump speeches from the politicians.  The younger Bernie speech was quite excellent, something about all the high flouros going to the 1% and the need for more equitable distribution of such flouro wealth.  Sarah Palin, as always, was a crowd pleaser and of course had the best Minnesotan accent, coming by it naturally.  

A fun night with skiing friends as we ring out the frustrating winter of 2015-2016.  May the weather be better next year!  

John Adams taking it all in and wondering just how his constitution has been so misinterpreted

You can't see it, but W. on the left has a monkey on his back

Dave Currie being forced to listen to The Donald drone on

Our faithful timer!!!

It took 3 MCs to fill in for the absent Andy Milne

Ghandi feeling the Bern....

Robert, happy to collect his prize and not have to vote in the USA

The young Bern and John Adams having to listen to the cranky, gray Bern hold forth

What a trio!  Ghandi shaking his head at Sarah Palin and The Donald

Ghandi being thoughtful

Sarah Palin whining about stuff.  I think she agreed that Global Warming is a problem....

Who knew that Ghandi skied!

Alex laughing at the absurdity of it all

The Bern just can't shut up!

Race face

Another Russian pondering the craziness of American Politics

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