CSU Girls Sweep Mt. Washington U20 Podium

What is so rare as a day in June?

The weather was perfect for this year's run up the auto road on Mt. Washington.  The air was cool and dry, there wasn't a cloud in the sky, there was no wind at all, and you could see for 90 miles.  Almost 1200 runners made the run this year climbing 4800 feet in 7.6 miles.

After the CSU boys took first and second in the U20 division last year (Lewis and Will), the CSU girls decided to put on a show this year with all five entrants making the top ten and in the process sweeping the podium.  Hannah Rieders was first, closely followed by sister Madeline, then training partner Gabby Vandendries.  A non-CSUer snuck into 4th, but Talia Seltzer grabbed 5th and Izzy Cole 6th.

Bravely defending the boys' honor was Jackson Hardin, who trained for the race by sitting down and pulling on an oar all spring.  He completed the race well, but next year might do a few training runs longer than two miles.

Thank you to CSU volunteers assisting at the finish line and providing rides down the mountain after the race.

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