Louisa May Alcott 5k

CSU took on the Louisa May Alcott 5k this weekend, and we had a lot of good races. We did a good warmup together, and watched the storm front come rolling through with a lot of pretty intense weather. It must have dropped 10 degrees in three minutes, which made for some really nice racing temperatures. We ended up collecting a lot of medals for various age class awards, headlined by Jacob winning the overall race, and Hannah and Madeleine tying for first women. Lots of great cheering by Frank, Tyler, Joan, the Appleby's, and more!

Missing several skiers, sorry!

Uta Pippig, a famous runner with a great smile and attitude toward running who won the Boston Marathon three times in a row, was on hand to give out all the awards! It was a real pleasure to get to run with her. 

They gave Madeleine the first-place medal, but she tied, so...

She shared the medal with Hannah!

Jacob won the 5k outright!

Laura was third in the U18 class

Gabby was 2nd in the U18 class

CSU moms taking home the medals! Jane Anna and Hannah took second and third in their age class!

Chris was third in the U18 class

Henry won the U18 class

Erik (Gabbys dad) won the 10k outright!

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