CSU Invades Sugarloaf

If you missed the Sugarloaf marathon here is what you missed:
- Perfect Snow, nice and fresh
- Bluebird sky
- Superior grooming
- Comfy temperatures starting cold and ending up just right
- Best scenery with Sugarloaf Mt. in one direction and the Bigelows going the other direction
- Great CSU company
- The most fun course in NE

Results are HERE

CSU had a good day taking home several 1sts with Jody Newton and Gray Holmes winning their age groups in the half marathon (the full was about 41-42 km and the half 21 km).  In the full distance Hannah Smith was 2nd overall (the top 3 women skied about 2 km longer thanks to an unmarked trail junction that those of us that have skied the race before were familiar with and turned right on), Jess Snyder and Ari Ofsevit were first respectively in 30-39, John Sakalowsky 1st and Greg Werner 2nd in their age group, Andy Milne 4th, Tom Smith 7th, Michael Melnikov 10th, Jody Dean 12th in 50-59, Robert Faltus was 1st in 60-69 even though officially he is still in 50-59, Jamie Doucett 3rd and Richard Garrison 6th in 60-69 and Clinton Kreuger is missing from the results.

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