Rangeley Marathon

A quick recap of a very cold and windy day at Rangeley where a number of CSUers and former CSU jrs. toed the cold starting line at the Rangeley Marathon.  Due to the high winds and low temps the marathon was moved from Saturday to Sunday.  While still only about 8F at the start and pretty breezy, the day promised to warm into the teens with a dropping wind.  The warm temps of last week and a heavy rain during the week left the course pretty hard in places and chopped up frozen granular in others.    And fast.  And kind of tricky.  Rangeley did a good job getting the trails in shape after the big freeze-up and CSU had a good day with John Sakolowski taking first in his age group, Jess Snyder 2nd in hers, Donna Smyth 1st in hers, Frank Feist 3rd and Andy Milne 4th in theirs in the Marathon, among others.  Full results available HERE.  A few photos:

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