Long run and capture the flag

Our roving long run today was down at the Blue Hills, in Milton. It's a great park, big, with lots of hills, and, importantly, a pond to jump into after the run. 

I suck at selfies. I had 12 skiers behind me, and I mostly took a picture of the trees, but at least Ben managed to sneak into the frame. 

Had to stop and turn around to actually take this one. Our goal for the run was to go over every hill we could find. We found a lot of hills.

Milo demonstrating stream crossing technique. It wasn't a strictly necessary stream crossing, since we just crossed back over, but the tree had looked so inviting...

Top of Great Blue Hill. This one had an observatory on top.

This hill had a fire tower on top. Those were the interesting ones.

Action shot!

We found a well, that was fenced off, probably to prevent people like us from getting too close to the edge.

This hill had a view on top!

Hi Boston!

Then we did some plyometrics

How is Kevin so tall?

No photos from the capture the flag game, but it was awesome. We cut the run a half hour short, and then walked deep into the woods, where I'd devised some orienteering capture the flag. Each team had three control flags, upon which hung the actual flags you were trying to steal. Each runner had an orienteering map, to help locate the flags. I'm pretty sure everybody had fun. Thanks to Dante, Tai, Kaden, Phillip, Sally, Isabel, and Nick's little brother whose name I can't remember, for joining us to make the game even awesomer!
I may have been too ambitious about how much territory we needed. Next time, smaller. And there WILL be a next time!

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